Our Services

Display Advertising



We want to ensure your campaign delivers to the full.  For that reason, we target in a plethora of different ways; by audience, content, longitude and latitude, and device to name but a few. Using identitas, our proprietary audience determination system, we build bespoke audience categories which are then matched to relevant web pages.

Paid Search Advertising



With global search spend currently growing at approximately 13% per year, we know how important search marketing is to brands. Addition+ partners with marketing teams to improve the ROI of their search marketing and analyses keyword search terms to ensure they are only bidding on the terms that will generate the maximum return.

Native Advertising



Native advertising is a great way to generate high engagement levels. Using native programmatic technology, Addition+ helps brands to deliver ads that are both contextually relevant to the site on which the brand is placed as well as relevant and useful to the end-user who is viewing the ad.

Social Advertising



The possibilities for targeting are almost endless with social advertising. With users displaying their likes, dislikes and interests like badges of honour, it’s a veritable paradise for marketers looking to hone in on their target audience. Addition+ works with brands to make the most of the data and targeting possibilities available to them.

Tablet Advertising



To complement your digital media strategy, tablet advertising can be a great way to reach smaller, niche audiences. As tablet use grows, the opportunities for brands to find high-impact solutions that target their audience with precision increases.

Digital & Traditional Out-of-home Advertising



With a number of innovative cross-platform targeting opportunities now available, digital out-of-home is one of the most exciting areas in advertising. Imagine being able to personalise your customers and prospects’ experience of your out of home advertising so that when they walk past your digital signage, they see a message that is both timely and relevant for them.




We’ve spent years researching, testing and building cutting-edge digital technologies and now we want to make that expertise available to you. Addition+ offers training sessions to marketing teams wishing to increase their understanding of key advertising principles including contextual targeting and increasing reach cost effectively. Learn More >>