Addition+ offers a new way to manage digital planning, buying, optimisation, audience insight and data, across all territories.


By harnessing proprietary data and cutting-edge technology, we excel in providing targeted advertising solutions across multiple platforms and devices, enabling our clients to maximise their budget and optimise their campaign performance.



An early adopter of programmatic technology, we pride ourselves in being only one of a handful of companies to use our own data scientists and statisticians.



Built from the ground up, we use data
and technology to inform on all media planning
and buying decisions, enabling our clients
to make better decisions.

We are technology, media and device agnostic.


Our aim is essentially to deliver the most engaging campaign possible for each of our clients. To that end, we will analyse each of our client’s target audiences and select only the media, data and technology we know will generate the most return.



Reach your audience and gain insights as you never have before


identitas is our proprietary data-driven audience determination system which allows us to pinpoint, categorise and segment your audience. Via identitas we can identify your audience, track them across the web, understand which sites they are visiting, and include the most high-performing and high-value inventory in your overall media plan. In this way we can ensure that your advertising is both timely and relevant for the end-user, generating increased brand uplift and leading to higher engagement levels.

Campaign Analyser


The information you need at your fingertips


Gone are the days when you waited for your end of campaign report; real-time reporting is here. We provide our clients with an interface in which they can review all the key stats of their campaign. Customised to each client’s branding, marketing teams can view campaign stats by channel, by audience and download the data easily.

Safeguarding your brand


Peace of mind for busy marketing teams


Addition+ believes our clients are their own. As a partner, we will only use a brand’s data throughout the duration of a campaign to secure maximum engagement; Addition+ will never seek to own a brand’s data.


We put data security and ad-fraud prevention as our top priority. Our data scientists continually monitor your campaign to ensure each click and engagement is bona fide. As an ISO certified organisation and member of the Information Security Forum, we follow only the strictest information security practices.


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